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Xero In-A-Day

Trainer With Class

Fast track your Xero skills just one day!


New to Xero?   Not a problem!

Our popular fast track one day course has been designed for newcomers or those with little Xero experience. Or perhaps you just need a refresher.

By day's end you'll be confidently and independently using Xero.

Prerequisites: Basic Windows PC or Apple iOS experience. 

About the Course
Course Dates

Available Dates

Course duration

9:30am to 4:30pm

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  • Wednesday, 26 June - Sold Out


Certified Xero Partner

Learn from the experts

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In this one day course you'll
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  • new users to Xero accounting software

  • existing users wanting to get more from the system

  • small business owners and bookkeepers wishing to learn more.

  • learn the skills to navigate throughout Xero

  • utilise how to effectively use Xero's key features

  • focus on practical real world applications

  • comfortably run typical day to day processes

  • customise the system for specific businesses

  • ensure simple but accurate tax record keeping

  • use Xero to automatically handle tedious and inefficient manual tasks         Full course content

This course is ideal for



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Training Manual


Comdex Training Centre

157A Commercial Road

South Yarra 3141

Tram, Train, Bus

Commercial Offstreet

One Day - 9:30am to 4:30pm


$335 inc. GST  

9 months

12 months


Xero In-A-Day

Instructor led, face to face

Some computer experience

10 students (average 6)

PC & Mac Dual Screen (or BYO)

Yes, accredited

Bound, hardcopy, yours to keep

Online or telephone 1300 977 773

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Learn from the experts!

Certified Xero Partner
Xero Trainer
Certified Trainers

Our skilled and experienced trainers will guide you through an interactive, hands-on session.

Course Content

All the key Xero components needed in your day to day processes

  • A Typical Day in the Office

  • Xero & Your Business / Organisation

  • The Xero Screens

  • Xero 'Chart of Accounts'

  • Sales & Purchases in Xero

  • Xero's Bank & Credit Card Feeds

  • Xero Shortcuts

  • Best Practice Issues

  • Xero Guided Tour

  • Your First Bank Reconciliation

  • Introduction to Cash Coding

  • Creating Sales Invoices

  • Speeding Up Invoices

  • Managing Sales & Statements

  • Entering Customer Payments

  • Entering Supplier Bills

  • Managing & Paying Bills

  • Credits, Refunds & Fixing Mistakes

  • Banks Recs: 'Find', 'Match' & 'Split'

  • Creating Bank Rules

  • Xero Business Reports

  • Introduction to BAS / IAS

  • Automatically Entering Bills/Receipts

  • Lodging BAS Directly to ATO from Xero

(scroll down for full course content - or download the course brochure) 


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Xero In A Day Training


Xero In-A-Day : Course Content

Xero Brochure
Course Content

Section A: About This Course / Training Manual

  • A Typical Day in the Office: Brief Course Outline

  • What We're Using for the Course

  • What is the 'Demo Company'?

  • Entering Dates for Transactions

  • Obtaining the Training Files

Section B: Introductory Notes: Xero 

  Xero & Your Business: Big Picture

  • Think About It First

  • Major Transactions & Business Processes

  • Plan Some Stuff Before Using Xero

  How Xero Looks

  • The Xero Screen

  • Xero Main Menus

  • Quick Access to Functions

  Xero 'Chart of Accounts'

  • Account Categories

  • Important Points About Xero's Chart of Accounts

  • Properties of the Chart of Accounts

  • Properties of an Account

  • Properties of Bank/Credit Card/PayPal Accounts

  Sales & Purchases in Xero

  • Introduction

  • Three (3) Types of Sales/Purchases

  Xero's Bank Feed

  • Different Ways for Reconciling

  • 'Find and Match'

  • Entering/Reconciling Common, Ongoing Trans.

  • All Reconciled v Not All Reconciled

Section C: Xero Shortcuts & Best-Practice

  Summary of Main Xero Shortcuts

  • General Browsing

  • Specific to Xero

  • Xero Cash Coding

  • Using Search Shortcuts

  Best-Practice Issues to Consider

  • Important

  • Others

  • Big Picture Stuff to Remember

  • Action Plan

Section D: Getting Used to Xero

  Exercise 1: Xero: A Guided Tour

  • Accessing Xero & Logging In

  • Resetting & Opening the Demo Company

  • Accessing Xero's Main Functions

  • Using Quick-Add & Searching Functions

  • Accessing Bank Information & Functions

  • Looking at Xero 'Settings'

  • Looking at 'Advanced Settings'

  • Viewing the 'Chart of Accounts'

  • Viewing the 'Products & Services'

  • Viewing the 'Bank Feed'

  • Logging Off

  • Creating a Shortcut to Login

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 2: Doing Our First Bank Rec

  • Accessing the Bank Feed Screen

  • Change to Compact View of the Bank Feed

  • Reconciling Transactions

  • Using 'Discuss'

  • Keying in First Transaction: Who What Why

  • Keying in a Transaction: Another One + Details

  • Looking at Bank Transactions Recorded

  • Shortcut for Viewing Bank Transactions

  • Turning Off 'Remember Previous Transactions'

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 3: Intro to Cash Coding

  • Accessing Cash Coding

  • Cash Coding Many Transactions at Once

  • Cash Coding the Rest

  • Why Balances Are Different: Bank Rec Report

  • Mistakes You Can Make

  • Important Reminder About Cash Coding

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

Section E: Sales: Selling Stuff

  Exercise 4: Creating Sales Invoices

  • Checking Customer Payment Terms

  • Your First Sales Invoice

  • Recording/Saving & Emailing the Invoice

  • Another Invoice for Practice

  • Selecting/Entering Cust's Not Set Up in Contacts

  • Creating Xero Invoices With No Items

  • Batch E-mailing Lots of Invoices

  • Xero's Newer Invoicing Method

  • Xero's Different Sales Types

  • Default Accounts & Discounts for Customers

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 5: Speeding Up Invoices

  • Using 'Add Last Items'

  • Using 'Add Last Items' Again

  • Another Way to Speed Up Transactions: Copy Them

  • Another Way to Speed Up Transactions: Repeating

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 6: Managing Sales & Statements

  • Viewing Unpaid Invoices

  • Sorting Invoices

  • Searching for Invoices

  • Viewing & Editing An Invoice

  • Using Search Shortcut

  • Viewing Aged Receivables

  • Customer Statements

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 7: Entering Customer Payments

    7.1 Using 'Add Payment' For a Single Invoice pmt.

  • Sending the Customer Receipt

  • Viewing Payment & Sending/Resending Receipt

    7.2 Using 'Make a Deposit' for Many Invoices

    7.3 At the Bank Feed

  • Important: Entering Customer Payments

  • Underpayments, Overpayments, Double-payments

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

Section F: Purchases: Buying Stuff

  Exercise 8: Entering Bills

  • Checking Default Supplier Payment Terms

  • Creating a Supplier & Entering Bank Details

  • Entering a New Bill

  • Uploading & Attaching a Bill to the Transaction

  • Entering Service Bills

  • Saving Time Again Using 'Add Last Items'

  • Using 'Add Last Items' Again

  • Checking Bills Owed

  • Other Ways to Upload Docs. & Create the Bills

  • Purchase Orders

  • Attaching Documents to Xero Transactions

  • Summary of Electronic Record-keeping in Xero

  • Automatically Entering Bills into Xero

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 9: Managing & Paying Bills

    9.1 Entering a BPAY Payment

    9.2 Creating a 'Batch' Pmt. for ABA Uploading

  • Sending Remittance & Creating Bank File

  • Seeing History of Batch Payment

  • Viewing the Batch Payment

  • Aged Payables (Aged Creditors List)

    9.3 Entering a Credit / Debit Card Bill Payment

Section G: Credits, Refunds & Fixing Mistakes

  Exercise 10: Voiding & Credit Notes

  • Voiding a Sale

  • Voiding a Purchase Bill

  • 'Add Credit Note' for an Open / Part-Paid Invoice

  • Creating and Applying a Credit Note: Unpaid Bill

  • Creating & Applying a Credit Note: Fully-Paid

  • Unvoiding a Voided Invoice / Bill

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 11: Bank Transaction Errors

  • Editing a Recorded Transaction

  • Fixing a Wrong Transaction: Remove & Redo

  • When Wrong Transactions Are Matched

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

Section H: Managing Bank Accounts Further

  Exercise 12: Bank Recs: 'Find & Match' and 'Split'

  • Importing a Bank Statement.

  • Recon. Already-Matched Transactions

  • Recon. a Single Deposit: 'DD' With 'Find & Match'

  • Recon. a Single Deposit: POS Clearing 'Find & Match'

  • Recon. a Single Deposit: Bank Deposit 'Find & Match'

  • Recon. a 'Split' or Part-payment

  • Checking Balances

  • Reconciling Overpayments

  • Keep Records

  • Find & Match' and 'Split' for Bill Payments

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 13: Bank Recs: Creating Rules

  • Creating the First Bank Rule: 'Spend Money'

  • Seeing Rule Being Applied

  • Another Bank Rule: 'Receive Money'

  • Transfer Bank Rule

  • One More: A 'Split Bank' Rule

  • Reconciliation-completed Message

  • Viewing/Editing Bank Rules

  • When You Don't Want a Bank Rule Applied

  • Bank Reconciliation Report

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

Section I: Reporting & Activity Statements

  Exercise 14: Xero Reports

  • Viewing the 'Reconciliation Report'

  • Accessing All Reports Section: Profit & Loss

  • Viewing Dashboard / KPI Reports 

  • Report Functions

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

  Exercise 15: Introduction to BAS / IAS

  • Setting Activity Statement Options & Viewing It

  • Viewing Activity Statement

  • Audit Report 

  • Finalising & Reporting Your Activity Statement

  • Next Time You Access Your Activity Statement

  • Submitting Your BAS Direct to the ATO

  • Revision & Practice (Optional)

Section J: Appendices 

  Appendix A: Automatically Entering Bills/Receipts 

  • Use 'Special' Xero Email Address 

  • Use Hubdoc / Dext

  Appendix B: General Steps for Uploading ABA Files

  • Uploading an ABA File to NAB

  • Uploading an ABA File to CBA

  Appendix C: Lodging BAS Directly to ATO 

  Appendix D: Index of Key Words

Xero Certified Partner
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Xero is the cloud-based accounting engine for millions of small and medium businesses and beyond – with 3.5 million subscribers and counting. If you’re looking to adopt Xero for your business or you’re an accounting professional who needs to refresh their Xero skills, a one-day course from Comdex is perfect for you.


Comdex offers fast-tracked Xero training in Melbourne, providing you with complete and comprehensive skills in just a few hours. Learn more about our Xero courses in Melbourne or register today to start using Xero to its full potential.


Xero Training Courses in Melbourne


There’s a reason why Xero is so popular for accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, and all related functions. You can take full advantage of this software with our Xero training courses in Melbourne. Read on for more information.

Fast Track Your Knowledge with Our Xero Short Courses in Melbourne


Xero is an essential piece of accounting software for business owners and working professionals, but there’s one problem – you’re a busy person.


That's why Comdex has developed one-day Xero training courses. Whether you're an HR professional who's taking on payroll responsibilities or you're a small business owner who's doing it all, you can complete our Xero training courses in just a day.


Our course strikes the balance between providing advanced Xero training and fast-tracking your skills in a complete and comprehensive session. We achieve this by pairing you with highly accredited trainers in small classes, ensuring everyone gets personal, one-on-one attention.


Comdex Xero training courses also come with free email support, a hard copy training manual to keep, and free course re-sit options if required.


Xero Training at a Dedicated, High-Tech Centre in South Yarra


Our face-to-face, hands-on Xero training sessions take place in South Yarra on the fringe of the CBD. Our location is easy to get to and provides more public transport and car parking options than many other city locations.


Comdex is a dedicated training centre, meaning we are fully equipped with all the software and hardware you need to learn quickly and thoroughly. Enjoy learning on dual-screen workstations that are Mac or PC, or opt to bring your own laptop so you can get trained on Xero on the same computer you'll be using for accounting, payroll, and invoicing.


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At Comdex, we can offer fast-tracked courses to job seekers, students, or those already in the workforce. 
Whether you want to upskill or just enjoy learning something new, our trainers have a range of courses to suit your experience level.

Step 1: Contact us

Reach out to our friendly team and we can point you in the right direction in terms of course times, and any questions you may have prior to commencement. If you want information about our facilities, trainers, or course materials, we can let you know what to expect.

Step 2: Take our Skills Test

Taking our skills test is a comprehensive way of understanding your level of knowledge, and experience, and what course will suit you. You may be more suited to a Basic level course instead of the Advanced if you don’t have prior experience. No matter the results, you’re always welcome!

Step 3: Choose your training plan

Are you on the search for a specific short course? From Excel and Xero to MYOB, Power BI, and Calxa, we provide an extensive selection of courses to boost your technical proficiency – quick smart!

Moreover, we offer individual, one-to-one training solutions for those who prefer  specifically tailored course content. We also provide customised group training sessions, which can be conducted either at your workplace or at our dedicated computer training centre. 

Step 4: Take the course 

Once registered, you’re ready to take the course! Our dedicated computer training centre is located conveniently near train, tram and bus - virtually at our door, and there’s ample commercial undercover car parking available.

Step 5: Expert trainers

Our certified instructors boast a blend of extensive industry experience and in-depth product understanding, ensuring top-notch technical training at all times. We maintain a direct connection with the industry demands, frequently communicating and working together with software creators to guarantee that our content is always relevant, leading-edge, and of superior quality.

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Step up your game with Comdex Training. Whether you're looking to sharpen your existing skills, aspire to a new job role, or bolster your employability for the future, we've got you covered. For those already active in the workforce, we provide comprehensive workplace training. Dial 1300 977 773 to earn a new certification and enhance your professional portfolio."

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