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Excel free online quiz
Excel free online quiz

Take our quick, online quiz to rank your Excel skill level.

Excel free online quiz
  • Takes just a few minutes

  • Immediate results

Excel Free online quiz
Test T&C
  • Excel software not required

Excel Gridlines
Excel online quiz

Microsoft Excel competency tests have been professionally prepared in accordance with university MCQ (multiple choice question) assessments guidelines - see "Writing Good Multiple-Choice Exams" University of Texas, Austin.

Open assessments should be used as a guide only. Although we have developed well researched and comprehensive, best practice assessments, a limited number of questions cannot assess in depth the knowledge of a candidate in an unsupervised environment. Thus we provide no guarantee that the assessment provides a definitive guide to a person's level of skill and knowledge.

*We take your privacy seriously. We will never share any personal information with third parties. See our privacy policies here.

  • We have avoided the 'one size fits all' easy option. A broad choice of tests covers all skill levels in general and specialised evaluation areas.

  • Questions have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, eliminating ambiguities and ensuring relevance and consistency

  • No 'True/False' type questions that are open to guessing and thereby distorting results

  • Answer option randomisation minimises pattern recognition

  • Stem, answers and distractors are grammatically consistent to avoid cueing the correct answer

*Zimmaro D. (2004). Writing Good Multiple-Choice Exams, Measurement and Evaluation Center: University of Texas, Austin
Bull, J. & McKenna, C. (2002). Computer Assisted Assessment Centre

We have assembled the best of the best to create Australia's most comprehensive and accurate online testing for Excel, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Our team members comprise

  • Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs)

  • Senior MYOB and Xero Certified Consultants, and Training Education Providers

  • University & Business School Academics

  • Personnel Recruitment Professionals

  • Web & Microsoft Office Software engineers

All of our panel members are at the forefront of their professions, continually updating our assessment resources, ensuring ongoing industry relevance.

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