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7 Handy Reports for NFPs

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

by Mick Devine, Calxa (abridged article)

Management Reports for not-for-profits are the basis of good decision-making. With parts of the NFP sector moving towards consumer directed funding, reporting at both the boardroom and management level has now become more than just an exercise in advising how grant money was allocated to cover costs in the last year.

Preparing reports that provide the recipient with data that they can both understand and utilise to make sustainable and profitable decisions has now become an imperative.
Calxa Reports

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Selecting which reports are required is not always an easy task. Some recipients won’t possess the financial literacy required to make sense of complex financial statements.

7 Key Reports

  • Statement of Financial Performance: summarizes income, expenses, and net surplus or deficit, helping NFPs monitor financial performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • Statement of Financial Position: shows assets, liabilities, and equity, providing an overview of the organization's financial health.

  • Budget Variance: compares actual income and expenses to budgeted amounts, highlighting areas where adjustments may be needed.

  • Cashflow Forecast: predicts cash flow for the coming months, helping NFPs plan for future cash needs.

Calxa cash flow
  • Program Performance: shows the cost and contribution of each program or activity, helping NFPs evaluate program effectiveness and allocate resources effectively.

  • Donor Analysis: provides insights into the organization's donor base, helping NFPs identify their most valuable donors and develop targeted fundraising strategies.

  • Grant Reporting: helps NFPs comply with reporting requirements for grants and funding sources.

How Calxa can Help with Reports for Not-for-Profits

Calxa offers a standard NFP Reporting bundle (template with batched reports) which can eliminate hours, more often days, of report preparation. If you want to learn more about how to prepare budgets for your not-for-profit use this practical guide Using the Calxa Budgeting Tool.

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For a real easy way to get going, check out the resources on our Getting Started Page and use our suggestions of three things to include in your board report article. Once you have decided on the selection of your reports make sure to read our article on automating board reports to save you some real time.

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