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Cultivating Digital Skills

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

According to research from RMIT Online and Deloitte, 87 per cent of Australia's jobs now require digital skills.
Digital Skills

Digital tools are essential, but they're only as effective as the people using them.


research finds that less than half of managers in Australia (48 per cent) are very confident their organisation has the necessary digital skills to succeed.

That means upskilling should be at the top of every SME's to-do list.

There are free, easy-to-use resources such as Skill Finder and Trailhead that can help build digital skills fast. And, if businesses are serious about getting the right digital skills in place, training will be a decisive part of their technology road map and broader growth strategy.

All of this can feel a bit like building the plane while flying it, but crucial first steps will ensure that your business keeps moving in the right direction: forward.

(Extracted article. Merlin Luck is regional vice president, SMB at Salesforce.)


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