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Xero Helpful EOFY Videos

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

(Australia only)

EOFY Chaos and Panic

Busy and confused?

The unwanted duo when you really need to hammer home the financial year end,

We've curated Xero's best short explainer videos to get you over the line.

Small Business Accounting Explained

Before you begin, brush up on the basics.

A quick 4 minute video to set you straight.

Related videos: 'How to Read': Balance Sheet ; Profit & Loss Statement ; Cash Flow Statement

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Xero EOFY Bank Reconciliation

Don't even think about finalising your financials and tax until your bank recs are done.

And we mean ALL bank accounts, loan accounts and credit cards

Xero EOFY Essentials STP2

You can't afford to slip up when it comes to payroll - seriously!

Get the full picture of your STP obligations in this video.

Xero EOFY Fixed Assets

You need to keep account of your fixed assets - think motor vehicles, plant and machinery, leasehold improvements etc.

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Accountant or Bookkeeper? Check out these videos...

Xero EOFY Client Reports

Preparing final accounts?

Check out this video guide.

Xero EOFY Essential Reports

Accountant of bookkeeper running final financial reports.

This video will help you navigate through Xero's powerful reporting,.

Tax form changes 2023

Tax form changes for

  • Individual returns

  • Non-Individual returns

  • Schedules

Comdex Xero Training Centre

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