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Master the world's most popular spreadsheet

About the course: Intermediate Level
Excel Level 2 About the course
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Unsure if the 'Intermediate' level is suitable for you?
Take our free online Excel quiz.

And check out our exclusive Excel Job Interview Q&A for all levels.

Take your Excel basic knowledge to the next level.

You'll learn how to create more productive workbooks with more advanced formulas and functions.

This course is intended to help basic users become familiar with the more powerful selection of features in Excel.

We will cover how to use advanced formulas, analyse data, organise worksheet data with tables, visualise data with charts, work with graphical objects, the extracting and cleansing of data, build pivot tables and pivot charts, use AI with Excel, and build dashboards.

You can build on this Intermediate course with our Advanced Excel (Level 3) course when it suits.

Prerequisites: A working knowledge of creating and formatting simple spreadsheets, basic formulas and functions or have undertaken our Excel Foundations (Level 1) course.



Comdex Training Centre

157A Commercial Road

South Yarra 3141


 $335 incl GST

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Car Parking

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One Day  9:30am - 5pm (approx.)

Classroom (Maximum 10, Avg 6)


Tram, Train, Bus

Secure Commercial Off-street

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Excel Course Dates
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One day's hands-on instructor led training

Printed step-by-step manuals & handouts

Small classes, personal attention

Accredited certificate: printed and electronic

Post course technical support i 

Full refund for cancellations i

Course resit guarantee i

Latest computer workstations (or BYO laptop)

All day refreshments and snacks

Excel Training Dates
Excel Level 2 training dates

Available Dates:

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2024 - Sold Out

  • Thursday, 23 May 2024 - Sold Out

  • Thursday, 13 June 2024

  • Friday, 28 June 2024

The demand for digital skills is growing exponentially .
Are you ready? Checkout our blog article.

Other EXCEL 'In-A-Day' Courses

All the key components to advance your Excel skills and productivity

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable in creating advanced formulas, analysing data using functions and pivot tables. working with tables, visualising data with charts, working with graphical objects, and enhancing workbooks.

  • Creating Advanced Formulas

  • Using Range Names

  • Using Specialised Functions

  • Text Functions

  • Logical Functions

  • Lookup Functions (inc. V & X!)

  • Date Functions

  • Financial Functions

  • Organising Sheet Data with Tables

  • Creating and Formatting Tables

  • New!  Powering Excel with ChatGPT

  • Modifying Tables

  • Table Referencing

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Creating Charts

  • Modifying and Formatting Charts

  • Creating Trendlines

  • Creating Advanced Charts

  • Creating PivotTables

  • Analysing Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts

  • Filtering Data Using Slicers

  • Analysing Data with PivotCharts

  • Build Dashboards

  • Working with Graphical Objects

  • Inserting & Modifying Graphic Objects

  • Layer and Group Graphical Objects

  • Incorporating SmartArt

  • Customising Workbooks

  • Managing Themes

  • Workbook Security

Our skilled and experienced trainers will guide you through interactive, hands-on sessions.

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Excel Training Dates
Course objectives
Course content

Course Objectives & Content

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Unsure if 'Intermediate' level is suitable for you? 
Take our free online Excel quiz.

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Excel Intermediate

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We make Excel Super Heroes!

Microsoft Innovative Educator

Comdex is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate : Course Content

Creating Advanced Formulas

    Using Specialised Functions

  • Function Categories

  • Function Syntax

  • Finding Excel Functions

  • Function Entry Dialog Boxes

  • Using Nested Functions

  • Automatic Workbook Calculations

  • Showing and Hiding Formulas

  • Enabling Iterative Calculations

   Apply Range Names

  • Range Names

  • Adding Range Names Using the Name Box

  • Adding Range Names Using the New Name

  Dialog Box

  • Using Range Names in Formulas


Analysing Data with Logical and

  Lookup Functions

  Use Text Functions

  • Text Functions

  • The LEFT and RIGHT Functions

  • The MID Function

  • The LEN Function

  • The TRIM Function

  • The UPPER, LOWER, & PROPER Functions

  • The TEXTJOIN Function

  • The TRANSPOSE Function


  Use Logical Functions

  • Logical Functions

  • Logical Operators

  • The AND Function

  • The OR Function

  • The IF Function

  • The IFS Function


Use Lookup Functions

  • Lookup Functions

  • The LOOKUP Function

  • The VLOOKUP Function

  • The HLOOKUP Function

  • The XLOOKUP Function

  • The MATCH Function

  • The INDEX Function


Use Date Functions

  • The TODAY Function

  • The NOW Function

  • Serializing Dates and Times with Functions

  Organise Sheet Data with Tables

  Create and Format Tables

  • Tables

  • Table Components

  • The Create Table Dialog Box

  • The Table Design Contextual Tab

  • Styles and Quick Style Sets

  • Customizing Row Display

  Modifying Tables

  • Adding Rows and Columns

  • Total Row Functions

  • Removing Duplicate Values

  Table References

  • Naming Tables

  • Using Structured References

  • Database Functions

  • Converting to Range

Conditional Formatting

  Basic Uses

  • Highlight Cells

  • Top/Bottom

  • Data Bars

  • Icon Sets

  Advanced Conditional Formatting Uses

Analysing Data with PivotTables,

  Slicers, and PivotCharts

  Create a PivotTable

  • PivotTables

  • Start with Questions, End with Structure

  • The Create PivotTable Dialog Box

  • The PivotTable Fields Task Pane

  • Summarise Data in a PivotTable

  • The “Show Values As” Functionality of

          a PivotTable

  • Format a PivotTable

  • External Data

  • PowerPivot

  • PowerPivot Functions

  Filter Data Using Slicers

  • Slicers

  • The Insert Slicers Dialog Box

  Analyse Data with PivotCharts

  • PivotCharts

  • Creating PivotCharts

  • Applying a Style to a PivotChart

Working with Graphical Objects

  Insert and Modify Graphic Objects

  • Graphical Objects

  • Inserting Shapes

  • Inserting WordArt

  • Inserting Text Boxes

  • Inserting Images

  • The Picture Format Contextual Tab

  • The Shape Format Contextual Tab

  • The SmartArt Contextual Tabs

  Layer and Group Graphical Objects

  • Layering Objects

  • Grouping Objects

  • Positioning Objects

  Incorporate SmartArt

  • About SmartArt

  • The Choose a SmartArt Graphic Dialog Box

  • About the Text Pane

Enhancing Workbooks

  Customise Workbooks

  • Notes and Comments

  • Comments

  • Notes

  • Watermarks

  • Background Pictures

  Manage Themes

  • About Themes

  • Customizing Themes

​  Protect Files

  • Recovering Lost Data

  • The Protect Group

  • The Protect Worksheet Option

  • The Protect Workbook Option

  • Mark Workbooks as Final

  • Encrypting a Workbook

  • Digitally Signing a Workbook


Powering Excel with ChatGPT (AI)

  • ChatGPT Explained

  • Setup and Configuration

  • Using Excel with ChatGPT

  • Boosting Your Skills & Productivity

  • Automation & Time Saving Guide


  • Quick Reference Guides (Cheat Sheets)

  • Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Excel Functions Full List & Explanations

  • Excel Glossary

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Excel Training Manual


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Fast Track Your Knowledge with Our Intermediate Excel Courses in Melbourne


If you have basic Excel knowledge and you want to take it to the next level, our Excel intermediate courses in Melbourne are perfect for you. Whether you need to improve your Microsoft Excel skills for a promotion, a new job, or your personal projects, the accredited, highly experienced trainers at Comdex are here to help.


There is a lot to learn if you want to master Excel spreadsheets, but Comdex can fast-track your knowledge. All our courses are designed to be completed in just one day, and they come with resources like hard copy training manuals to keep and free ongoing email support.


During the course itself, you will enjoy personal attention thanks to our small class sizes. All registered participants will receive a certificate of completion, and a free course re-sit option is available if you need to redo your Excel training.


Register for our Excel intermediate courses in Melbourne today.


Excel Intermediate Courses at a Dedicated, High-Tech Computer Training Centre


All Comdex courses are completed face-to-face at our advanced South Yarra location. When you enter our training centre, you will be met with industry experts and all the supplies you need, including advanced dual-screen workstations with the latest software.


You can also bring along your own laptop if you would prefer to learn on the hardware that you’ll be using every day.


Register for yourself or the employees of your business today. Our Excel intermediate courses in Melbourne are available with free last-minute cancellations for complete flexibility.

Ensure your success with our top-quality short courses at Comdex

At Comdex, we can offer fast-tracked courses to job seekers, students, or those already in the workforce. 
Whether you want to upskill or just enjoy learning something new, our trainers have a range of courses to suit your experience level.

Contact us

Reach out to our friendly team and we can point you in the right direction in terms of course times, and any questions you may have prior to commencement. If you want information about our facilities, trainers, or course materials, we can let you know what to expect.

Take our Skills Test

Taking our skills test is a comprehensive way of understanding your level of knowledge, and experience, and what course will suit you. You may be more suited to a Basic level course instead of the Advanced if you don’t have prior experience. No matter the results, you’re always welcome!

Choose your training plan

Are you on the search for a specific short course? From Excel and Xero to MYOB, Power BI, and Calxa, we provide an extensive selection of courses to boost your technical proficiency – quick smart!

Moreover, we offer individual, one-to-one training solutions for those who prefer  specifically tailored course content. We also provide customised group training sessions, which can be conducted either at your workplace or at our dedicated computer training centre. 

Take the course

Once registered, you’re ready to take the course! Our dedicated computer training centre is located conveniently near train, tram and bus - virtually at our door, and there’s ample commercial undercover car parking available.

Expert trainers

Our certified instructors boast a blend of extensive industry experience and in-depth product understanding, ensuring top-notch technical training at all times. We maintain a direct connection with the industry demands, frequently communicating and working together with software creators to guarantee that our content is always relevant, leading-edge, and of superior quality.

Contact us now at Comdex: Industry leaders in short course training

Step up your game with Comdex Training. Whether you're looking to sharpen your existing skills, aspire to a new job role, or bolster your employability for the future, we've got you covered. For those already active in the workforce, we provide comprehensive workplace training. Call 1300 977 773 to earn a new certification and enhance your professional portfolio.

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